Employment Law

Outset offers you a creative and intelligent response to the complexity of employment law

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Health & Safety

Now incorporating health and safety from UKHSE, part of the Outset Group.

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People Management

Outset delivers innovative people management solutions tailored to your specific business needs

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Business & Commercial Property Law

Outset offers you pragmatic and outcome focused response for your Corporate, Commercial and Property Law requirements.

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Outset – The Legal and Business Services Group

Outset Group offers a creative and intelligent response to the complexity of business strategy, risk and compliance. We are a progressive business services group including a solicitor practice providing organisations with an integrated blend of legal, consulting and safety solutions.  We believe that there is a better way to deliver business services, especially legal services.

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Outset Builds Sustainable Relationships
Outset Provides Pricing Certainty
Outset Ensures Quality Service