Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

Conflict Management & Dispute ResolutionConflict management

Overview of training module



This workshop focuses on the complex area of conflict within the workplace.  It looks at the causes and effects of conflict on individuals, teams and the organisation, and identifies common and available methodologies and tools to assist in managing the conflict.  It also looks into ways that conflict can be reduced or defused and will introduce participants to alternative dispute resolution methodology. The use of practical scenarios and discussion around what works and what will not, along with recommended tools and methods, will provide knowledge to participants to allow further continued development in the area of conflict resolution.


  • Identifying situations as they arise
  • Understanding how to address informally
  • Knowing when to bring the parties together
  • Techniques to address and resolve conflicted situations
  • Learning how to bring parties together for agreed resolutionCONTACT US

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