Immigration services for business

Immigration services for business

Immigration services for business

Please note that these services are for employers and we are unable to assist requests from private individuals in relation to immigration issues

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Services we offer include:

Right to Work (RTW) Audits and Checks

  1. Audit of an employer’s current RTW checking procedure;
  2. Advice in relation to how to carry out RTW checks in order to establish a statutory defence to the civil penalty of employing an illegal worker, applicable to all employers;
  3. Advice in relation to a range of ad hoc issues arising from RTW checks – e.g. seemingly expired/invalid permission and failure to provide RTW evidence. Note that it is potentially unfair to dismiss an employee for failing to provide RTW evidence: such matters require careful handling.


Sponsor record keeping duties – advice in relation to the record keeping duties specific to sponsor licence holders, which go beyond the basic RTW checks. Failure to comply with sponsor record keeping duties can lead to a sponsor losing their licence, and in turn having to dismiss any sponsored employees.


Sponsor reporting duties – sponsors have a number of duties relating to their migrant workers, including having to report to the Home Office where, for example, the individual leaves their job, or takes a certain number of days sick. We can provide guidance to employers as to their reporting responsibilities. We can
also assist with how to report certain changes.


Sponsor licence applications – for a business to employ an individual from a non EEA country, in many cases they will require a sponsor licence to be able to sponsor the individual for a Tier 2 visa. The sponsor licence application process is complex and very particular. Providing the wrong information or documents, making a mistake on the application or not meeting the requirements in a substantive way can lead to the application being refused. In many cases a 6 month cooling period then applies before the company can apply again.


Tier 2 (general) and (ICT) visa applications plus dependents – we can assist with the visa application for an employee and their dependents under the Tier 2 (general) and intra-company transfer (ICT) categories. The process is detailed and the documents to be provided very specific and an error can lead to the visa being refused.


RLMT Assistance – whether as part of a tier 2 application process or in isolation, we can assist with meeting the strict requirements for a resident labour market test which may have to be carried out before applying for a Tier 2 visa, depending on the salary and role.

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