Experienced at supporting private and public sector employers through the intricacies of TUPE, Outset combines legal knowledge with practical experience.

Outset’s experience of TUPE is so highly regarded that its solicitors have been tutors of choice for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s advanced TUPE courses for several years.

Whether it is:

  • Recognizing a potential transfer situation
  • Establishing who will transfer, when and with which rights
  • Handling information and consultation obligations
  • Negotiating employee specific indemnities and warranties
  • Managing TUPE based change,

even the most experienced in-house TUPE teams need additional reassurance from time to time that they are ‘on track’.

Outset’s unique structure means that it can offer everything from a reassuring conversation to a multi-disciplinary legal and HR team able to plan and implement TUPE change management, with full project cost budgeting.