HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

With a variety of consultants and interims chosen for their experience and strong relationship skills, Outset offers a range of consulting options to support organisations across the spectrum.

Outset’s emphasis is always on understanding your needs and offering a flexible, cost effective resource, using consultants with the right experience and skills. Typically these options meet the needs of two key scenarios:

Businesses with no dedicated internal HR lead

A highly experienced Outset HR Consultant will take responsibility for shaping and implementing HR strategy through providing an agreed number of consulting days over an agreed time frame and working closely with the management team to achieve an agreed agenda.

This support is often linked to a wider service bringing together the ‘slices’ of specialist skills and technology needed to deliver effective people management to the organisation at an affordable price. For further details visit our Working With You pages.

Businesses with an internal HR team

Outset offers flexible resource solutions to assist in-house HR teams with peaks in demand, temporary absences and specialist requirements. Resource is made available on either a project or an interim basis but with either option our priority is working alongside your team to provide the support they need for the time they need it.