HR Information System

HR Information System

Administration of holidays and sickness, retaining copy contracts and offer letters – managing such information is time consuming. Yet failure to keep clear records is the root cause of so many employment disputes.

Outset offers mid-size and smaller businesses a cloud based HR Information System designed to overcome these challenges.

We meet the challenge by:

  • Empowering and Enabling line managers to manage
  • Reducing the amount of administration work with our easy to use system and by having all data in one place
  • Reliable system and process support throughout

Our consultancy support, from system introduction to setting up and enabling users, makes it easy to move to a simple but effective solution with:

  • Centralised storage of employee data, contracts and documents
  • On-line holiday approval process and sickness absence recording
  • A personalised employee dashboard showing each their holiday, sickness and personal objectives
  • A single site for everyone to see employment policies and procedures
  • Employee, manager and administrator access levels
  • System set up and support (including data import and company document upload)
  • Telephone and email support
  • Recruitment process; from creating new vacancies to applicant archiving – our HR Information System can help you to grow your business

This system solution is commonly provided by Outset as part of a wider package of services aimed at delivering quality yet cost effective people management. For further details visit our Working With You pages.