ACT Logo Jun 16 300dpiNew technology, social media and the internet are changing the face of recruitment. The challenge of attracting and selecting excellent talent remains, yet the approach is shifting.

Through our style brand ACT Talent,  we apply the same innovative approach to recruitment that has been at the heart of its success across people management. Traditional recruitment skills and relationship management are coupled with new technology and methods to ensure a consistent end to end service delivering:

  • Quality candidate shortlists ready for final interview
  • Key skills and psychometric assessment
  • Significant cost savings

Working within the hiring manager’s timescales, we support your employer brand through an excellent candidate experience.



Resourcing is an integral part of the Employment Lifecycle. We will build with you an approach to recruitment that does not stop at the traditional boundaries of a recruitment agency but works to improve the approach to and reduce the cost burden of recruitment for your organisation.