Social Responsibility

Social resp

Outset strongly believes in being a good corporate citizen. We see Outset’s responsibilities as falling into the following three categories:

Our People

Taking care of our staff is a high priority. Our goal is a healthy, motivational and enjoyable working environment. We are committed to ensuring staff realise their potential through open communication, training and regular review sessions. Our people are our greatest resource and a positive working experience is crucial to our ethos.

Our Community

Involvement in the local and wider community is important to Outset. As a group we are committed to supporting several charitable organisations both close to home and further afield through financial and time commitments. We are keen to act at a discounted rate for our client charities.

We are currently funding a part time driver for the Maidstone Day Centre plus assisting with refurbishment of their offices. This local charity provides support to the homeless and food relief to those struggling financially. We are also sponsors of Folkestone Rugby club.

Our staff run regular events to support national charities such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. Many of us also volunteer time outside of work to other local charities and sports teams. Giving back to the community matters to us.

Our Environment

Outset is dedicated to ensuring we have as limited an impact on our natural environment as possible. To achieve this Outset has implemented a range of environmental schemes designed to reduce the waste produced by the group. Our innovative service structure offers effective ways to meet carbon emission objectives through controlling unnecessary environmental cost in areas such as travel and paper use.

Outset is committed to ensuring its impact on the community and environment is a positive one.