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“Trade Interchange is an SME that needed to position ourselves for growth, but lack of robust HR systems were hindering this.  Andy and his team had been really helpful on an ad hock basis but as the business grew we realized we were spending quite a lot of time on areas we didn’t have any expertise in and this was a risk to or business.  Outset provide a cost effective way of managing the HR process in our business freeing up time for us to focus on our core competencies.”

— Tim Hoiles - Co Owner - Director of Trade Interchange


Banstead Dental Centre

“Lorraine is a friendly, positive, dependable professional. We could not recommend her highly enough for her frank and clear advice. She led us through a potentially difficult process and the advice given resulted in an excellent final outcome, allowing us to move our business forward. “

— Marcus Clery, Dentist


ADP Dental Co.

“The Employee Relations Advisory Service has improved the confidence and personal development of our practice managers as well as some of our more senior managers. The support of the team has allowed us to be more strategic within the company.”

— Julie Perry


Barretts of Canterbury

“I get timely access to the HR thinking and advice that I need, as and when the business needs it. Using Outset in this way, ensures that Barretts is one-step ahead of where it needs to be in respect of its employment law need. We are also confident that our HR practices are best of breed, making us an employer of choice in our sector.”

— Paul Barrett, Group CEO


Independent Vetcare

Employing more than 1200 people across 140 sites, Independent Vet Care uses Outset for the acquisition of all of their veterinary practices and have been working with them since the foundation of the company in 2011. Alongside acquisition advice, Outset provided the company with general employment law and employment support for managers along with health and safety services.

We see Outset as members of our team as we are all on the same side. We have a great working relationship where roles and rules don’t get in the way of getting the job done. They have always been fun and very easy to get on with.”

— David Hiller, CEO


Parker Steel

“I can highly recommend the HR and Employment Law team at Outset having worked with them for some years - the Employment Law Team have been outstanding, providing us with insightful and practical advice on complex issues, whilst the Employee Relations Advisory Service has  always supported us in a clear and concise fashion.”

— Spencer Nye, Former Finance Director