Outset is a progressive professional services group, offering a unique blend of Legal - Corporate, Commercial, Property and Employment Law, HR & Business consultancy and Health & Safety services.

About the Outset Group

Since 2002, we have been delivering professional services, differently. We have always taken pleasure in challenging the status quo, always looking for a better way to do things.

We believe our advice, whether legal, business consultancy, HR or safety, shouldn’t be given in a vacuum. It should be provided with a rounded view of the pressures and considerations facing our clients. It should be practical, proportionate, balanced and, of course, focused on achieving the best outcome for you, the client. We are always looking to add real value with advice, suggestions and recommendations – not just a list of options.

We love technology and use it wherever we can. We want dealing with us to be easy,  straightforward and worthwhile.

That’s our vision, if it sounds like we are the type of organisation you could work well with, please get in touch. It would be great to talk.

Our values

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Employment Law: Kent, Surry & Sussex

Corporate & Commerical Law: Kent, Surry & Sussex

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