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Kevin Nolan

Public holidays and your legal obligations

  • Posted

Since the glorious Easter weekend we’ve received a number of queries regarding staff holiday and pay entitlement. With more bank and public holidays on the horizon, we wanted to share the answers to some of the most asked questions… ...

Are you potentially setup for a breach of GDPR post Brexit?

  • Posted

With Brexit looming closer and everyone still none the wiser on our proposed agreement with the EU, we discuss the potential GDPR implications in the event of the UK walking away with a no deal. In this scenario it has already been confirmed there will be...

Preparing for adverse weather

  • Posted

Train delays, roadworks, accidents on route - just some of the issues affecting our current journeys into work. Now with ‘Arctic blizzards’ on the horizon, there is yet more frustration to come for commuters (and their employers!) Recently, we...

Is your business protected against a data breach?

  • Posted

Many people rejoiced on May 25th thinking talk of GDPR was finally over. However, despite the EU’s regulation coming into force, many companies are still struggling to secure their data against an ever-growing range of threats. It’s...

GDPR: Consent is a key misconception

  • Posted

Kevin Nolan, Outset GDPR expert discusses key things businesses should be considering in preparation for GDPR. We caught up with Outset GDPR expert, Kevin Nolan, and spoke with him about the key things businesses...