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Melissa Nelson

The £2.5 million Tribunal award

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Being the Respondent that has to pay the second largest disability discrimination award ever made by the Employment Tribunal was probably not the sort of publicity Kellog Brown and Root (UK) Ltd were aiming for. Background The...

What do I do about suspending my employee?

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We answer some frequently asked questions about how to suspend an employee and what disciplinary process to follow.

Uber loses in the Supreme Court

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On 19 February 2021 the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed Uber's final appeal, finding that Uber drivers are considered to be workers. The case centred around the vexed question of employment status.

Driver dismissed for refusing to wear a face mask in his vehicle

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Deimantas Kubilius worked for his employer, Kent Foods Limited (‘Kent Foods’), as a Class 1 Driver from 25 July 2016 until his dismissal without notice on 25 June 2020. On 21 May 2020 Mr Kubilius had been making a delivery at Tate and...

Considering the alternatives to redundancy

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Before starting a redundancy process, it’s important to consider how you can reduce costs in other ways. This article covers some suggestions to consider you may consider to reduce costs in alternative ways.

New family friendly rights in the pipeline

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Current position? Employees on maternity leave have the right to be prioritised over other employees who are at risk of redundancy if a suitable alternative vacancy is available. Parents on adoption leave have the same protection, as do parents on...