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Simon Tovey

Exposing wrong-doing in the NHS or spread of misinformation?

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Exploring a recent case where the Interim Orders Tribunal placed restrictions on a GP for what they believe is the spread of misinformation around Covid-19.

6 questions for employers about vaccine mandates

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Simon Tovey in our Employment team has come up with a comprehensive list of questions all employers should ask before introducing a vaccine mandate. It's a long read but well worth it if you're considering requiring your employees to have the COVID vaccine, taking into account risks to be aware of and consider in advance.

Is Positive Action the answer to improving workplace diversity?

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Click here for our Insight into Discrimination and Positive Action. Improving diversity in the workplace continues to be a hot topic for discussion in employment law. Whether it concerns the proportion of women on Boards, the breakdown of MPs in...

Workplace discrimination and harassment: Our view on the latest report from the Women & Equalities Committee

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It feels like almost every week another report or consultation document emerges in relation to workplace discrimination and harassment. On 30 July 2019 a report was published by the Women & Equalities Committee (“WEC”) on Enforcing the...