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Stephen Gerring

Supporting Mental Health at work

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What do you do if you’re faced with an employee who is struggling with their mental health? From time to time we all need help dealing with issues that might seem too much to cope with – whether they’re personal or professional. ...

Supporting World Mental Health Day

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All young people deserve the best start in life but too often, young people with a mental health problem are not able to fulfil their potential. We know that our mental health and wellbeing are vital to our ability to thrive and achieve. ...

Coping with Mental Health

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So, you are faced with an employee that is struggling to cope and whilst you had noticed some performance issues you thought they would work it out themselves? Now they are unloading their personal issues, the recent divorce, the daughter self-harming, and...

Is it still taboo to talk about it?

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It's never easy telling someone about your mental health. It's never easy trying to explain the heavy feeling in your chest, the lack of motivation you have, the heavy head and whirlwind of sad thoughts constantly sitting in the back of your...

Billy and Johnny come out to play...with Asbestos?

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The Department for Education has finally published its asbestos management assurance process report, based on an extensive survey of schools that launched well over a year ago. Of the 19,522 schools that participated in the survey, responses from 3,485...