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Tessa Robinson

Guidance on reasonable adjustments for menopause

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission have, last week, published guidance for employers on menopause and the Equality Act. The aim is to clarify the legal obligations of employers and to foster positive conversations about the menopause with their...

Fire and rehire - the Code of Practice

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The Government has, last week, published its response to the consultation on the draft statutory Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement (commonly known as fire and rehire). There have been longstanding concerns over the use of this practice, and...

Gender Identity in the workplace

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In today's ever-evolving society, it is vital that workplaces prioritise inclusivity and understanding. One crucial aspect of this is navigating gender identity in the workplace. Understanding and supporting employees who identify as transgender or...

Mental Health & duty of care for employers

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Next in our series of Equality Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, we take a look at mental health. The events of the past few years, and current cost of living crisis, is placing a large burden on many individuals, resulting in a variety of...

UK Employment Law changes under Retained EU Law Bill

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After a relatively stable period in UK Employment Law, the government has announced a raft of proposed changes.

Neurodiversity & ADHD in the workplace

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In the first of a series of articles by Tessa Robinson on the ever important and evolving subject of Equality Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, we take a look at neurodiversity with a focus on ADHD. ADHD has seen a marked rise in...