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An (Apprentice) Shark's Tale - Chloe's 'The Apprentice' blog week 8

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For the past 7 weeks Outset senior employment lawyer, Chloe Harrold, has been sharing her observations and employment law insights in her blog published by The HR Director.  Here’s the latest edition.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, Dillon embarked on a self-indulgent, tack-tastic, singing-mermaid bonanza. Was it just clever editing, designed to allow the result to be a real surprise, or did that event look truly awful?….

Paul’s team on the other hand were a shambles when it came to pricing – they couldn’t decide how much they would sell the tickets for, what was included and even how many spaces there were on the special tour….. Paul’s solution to demote Jessica unceremoniously and replace her with Frances was harsh – and in a real workplace could be landing an employer in hot water.

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