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Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - The (not so) Grand Finale S6, E7

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The latest HR Faux pax throughout the latest episode of Line Of Duty.

Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - The (not so) Grand Finale (S6, E7)

So there it was, the episode we’d all been waiting for, and how was it? The views in my household were:

  • Damp squib
  • On a par with the Game of Thrones ending
  • Like the wrapping up of a Scooby Doo episode
  • Disappointing

Lots of ends were tied up and questions answered, it just all felt a bit...meh.

Arnott finally had his occ health meeting and it looks like he was worrying over nothing. Giving up his firearms slip seems like no biggie, and his boss displays the kind of support any employee struggling with a personal issue hopes to receive.

The excavation of the OCG lock up uncovered years’ worth of evidence relating to previous LoD series’ and crimes, as well as confirmation that Carl Banks was Vella’s killer.

Thurwell was formally identified – so those theories about James Nesbitt surely having a bigger part were put to bed.

The bent prison guards, intimidating people since series 1, were finally scuppered – in a very exciting and tense race which saw Fleming and Arnott hide in the prison van to surprise the OCG soldiers.

Fairbank – the paedophile high-ranking, bent copper from series 3 – was the person Davidson thought was her father, but he can’t/ won’t help AC12.

Arnott and Fleming confronted Hastings about the money, and he confesses all to them. That’s a sad, messy, story.

And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – THE suspect, the 4th man, H. The suspense is dragged out for as long as humanly possible, who is it, who is it?!


Buckells!? That blundering fool!

We should have known - caught out by poor spelling - who else would it have been.

But what a total anti-climax. Yes he’s been there since series 1 but I’m with Hastings, there is no way he’s it – there’s got to be other senior officers involved. But Hastings is out, Carmichael is in and the whole institutional corruption angle is quashed. Hastings throws himself on the pyre in a last act of desperation – leaving it to Carmichael to decide what to do. If she goes after Hastings does that mean the corruption has to be addressed? Is that leaving it open for series 7?

In better news, Terry Boyle finally gets released and is given the support he should have got around 9 years ago when the OCG first started taking advantage of him. Farida gets back to work. Tommy Hunter’s cousin is arrested in connection with the racially motivated murder of Christopher Lawrence. In case you missed it – the crime Chloe Bishop spoke about in episode 5 was inspired by two real-life cases, the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Christopher Alder.

Arnott and Davidson are still the best of friends and, in the longest running will they won’t they I can think of, they didn’t.

But, in the end, Davidson won series 6 of LoD – she faces no charges, goes into witness protection, gets to live in a stunning undisclosed Cotswolds-esque location, in a beautiful ragstone house, looking happy with a new partner and, best of all, she's with the goodest of good dogs.