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Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - the one with the best quote S6, E6

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The latest HR Faux pax throughout the latest episode of Line Of Duty.

Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - the one with the best quote (S6, E6)

It was the penultimate episode, containing a record-breaking 29-minute AC-12 interview and what might possibly be Hastings’ best ever quote:

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey”

gotta love Hastings.

We immediately find out it’s Pilkington who took the shots – double tap to the chest means that’s another solider the OCG have lost. Carmichael finds out Fleming had a weapon so it could have been her or Davidson. Warrants are issued for both of their arrests – it doesn’t look great that they’ve run off (is running away from your manager a sackable offence?)

Fleming picks up Arnott’s MX5-RF (nice one Steve – how dare you insult it Fleming!) Davidson adds her prints to Fleming’s gun and off they go. Davidson tells Fleming all about the hold the OCG has over her – not only is her uncle Tommy Hunter but her dad was a bent copper. A short-lived car chase ensues and they’re both arrested.

Fleming thinks Arnott betrayed her - for a few tense seconds it looks as though she might do something silly but we’re soon relieved when she backs down and we discover the car was tracked at Carmichael’s bidding. Arnott and Fleming can still be besties.

Slight aside - why is the beep at the start of the AC-12 interviews so awkwardly long? I asked a police friend and apparently it’s to show it’s a fresh tape in order to, and I quote, “prevent bent coppers changing bits and bob”.  There you have it.

Davidson ‘no comments’ throughout most of her interview, even when they tell her Tommy Hunter was her father as well as her uncle. As if he wasn’t bad enough. Carmichael doesn’t try very hard to push Davidson – she tries to give up on the interview early on, stops the others from pursuing questioning about institutional corruption and tells Arnott to follow up on charges being dismissed against Buckells. Could Carmichael be H, the 4th man?

When Davidson does give AC-12 answers it’s to try to help others: she takes the blame for Pilkington’s death, confirms she framed Jatri and says Terry Boyle had nothing to do with Vella’s murder. She explains how Tommy Hunter made her become a police officer so he could control her and her mother committed suicide. She says she isn’t bent – she’s been intimidated and controlled. Back to feeling a little sorry for her, perhaps she isn’t so bad after all?

Interview over, Davidson is charged and things are looking bleak. And not just for her. Arnott receives another email from occ health, this time a final warning - he’s got 5 days to show up or he’s suspended from duty – why haven’t they tried to call him? Not the best HR practice I’ve seen.

Fleming is released although Carmichael makes it clear she isn’t buying it – the double tap giving firearms trained Fleming away. Reunited with AC-12 they link up with Spanish authorities who are raiding Thirwell’s home for them but, you guessed it, dos muertos.

It’s as much as Hastings can take – he looks like a man on the verge of a breakdown. Things aren’t looking much better for Davidson, who gets an intimidating look in from the bent prison officers we’ve seen in earlier LoD seasons (remember when they poured boiling water over Lindsay Denton's hands? They're not very nice ladies).

Hopefully the finale on Sunday will wrap up all of the loose ends, but there’s two things I can’t see it changing:

  1. Hastings is my all-time favourite TV character
  2. Carmichael is one of the smuggest, passive aggressive characters ever – if she doesn’t turn out to be bent I’ll be devastated!