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Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - Who shot who? S6 E5

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The latest HR Faux pax throughout the latest episode of Line Of Duty.

Chloe's Line of Duty HR blog - Who shot who? (S6, E5)

The tension continues to build as this week sees Fleming carrying a gun for protection against Pilkington – even though Hastings later describes him as a spratt, not big enough to pull in while there’s mackerel out there to snag.

We’re released from the cliff-hanger of last week when we find out that Davidson is related to Tommy Hunter – OCG boss from LoD series gone by. Not only that, but he’s likely to be her father. Fleming looks resigned to the overwhelming evidence that Davidson is not the straight cop she was hoping she was.

Hastings receives his forced retirement letter (he really needs to speak to an employment lawyer about that) but will he have time to solve the Lighthouse corruption before he’s forced out?

Meanwhile, Arnott discovers that the cash he found in Stef Corbett’s attic was part of a haul in a previous investigation that Hastings had apparently handed back. Except he didn’t. Arnott doesn’t have to feel disappointed in Hastings for too long, as he later finds out that Stef’s husband was undercover with the OCG and murdered by them. Is the cash well-intentioned compensation? Perhaps, but surely an AC12 officer as committed as Arnott won’t let that slide?

Fleming orchestrates a search operation to catch out Pilkington, and it only goes and works! Pilkington is snapped using a burner phone, and AC12 find evidence of weapons manufacturing in one of the suspected OCG warehouses. On the downside, an LoD episode can’t go by without someone being killed, and two of the OCG lackeys are shot dead when armed police storm the building.

Fleming thinks her plan proves Davidson’s innocence – only the one location was compromised. Arnott and Hastings aren’t buying it. They don’t agree though on how to handle Pilkington – Arnott sees him as dangerous to Fleming and others, Hastings is keen to keep him out so they can reel in the bigger fish. But by the end of the episode, it’s Arnott who gets his I told you so.

The Vella plot continues to thicken as both teams get closer to connecting the dots and finding out why she was killed and by who. Arnott is still getting emails from occ health (really, what self-respecting HR team wouldn’t have taken more formal steps by now?)

Davidson tries to force Fleming to transfer but it doesn’t work. Her penpal is back in touch, and it’s bad news – she’s told to get rid of Davidson. She looks stony faced enough but the crying in the toilet belies the intent behind what she’s doing – when will we find out why she’s doing this?

If we thought Davidson was cold-hearted, she’s got nothing on Carmichael. Hastings’ replacement, she pulls no punches and suspends all surveillance. Between her actions and Hastings, they’ve unwittingly putting Fleming in grave danger.

Fleming goes to meet Davidson and, whilst she is carrying a gun, is her persistence in seeing the best in Davidson about to be her downfall? She at least manages to text her location to Arnott, and as we see AC12 heading to her, Pilkington pops out of the dark brandishing a gun.

In another masterful cliff-hanger, Fleming and Pilkington are pointing guns at each other, Fleming tries to talk Pilkington out of it (she’s very convincing) - a warning shot fires in Davidson’s direction, everyone is shouting, then all goes black and we hear two shots. Who got shot? Who did the shooting? The suspense!