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Chloe's The Apprentice Blog - The Interviews (S16 E11)

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The Interviews

It’s the penultimate week and the ladies face what’s likely to be the toughest interview process of their lives. Harpreet assures Kathryn she’s not scared of anyone – but perhaps she should be.

It’s as though these candidates have never seen the show before. Their business plans are of course scrutinised to the nth degree – and they’re not well prepared.

Harpreet has lied on her CV, Brittany’s product tastes horrible, Kathryn plans to manufacture her ethical nightwear range in China and Steph hasn’t researched her 3rd party provider properly – they can’t actually provide the service she needs.

Kathryn looks livid with Claude’s analysis of her numbers. Mike then cruelly taunts her – he’s bought all of the websites for her business name. He then gifts them to Kathryn but it does little to melt her frosty glare.

Steph cries, Brittany cries. The candidates are cut off mid-sentence, dismissed out of the room abruptly and ridiculed. The interviewers’ behaviour verges on bullying at points. Obviously it’s all for TV drama – in the real world not only would that interview style be likely to put potential employees off, but worst case scenario it could even result in a claim.

Although bullying isn’t in itself isn’t a claim that can be pursued in an employment tribunal, if it relates to a protected characteristic then both employees and candidates are protected under the Equality Act. Employers would do well to make sure their whole recruitment process – from advert to on boarding – is carefully planned to make it both a pleasant and discrimination free experience.

The interviewers provide their feedback to Lord Sugar – they all have a good laugh and the candidates’ expense.

Then it’s Lord Sugar’s turn to interrogate the ladies.  They all face difficult questions but Brittany is the first one to be fired and Lord Sugar encourages her to rethink her business idea. After more deliberation, Lord Sugar gives the remaining ladies the opportunity to make their last ditch plea. They do their best, but it’s Stephanie who gets chucked out next.

Unsurprisingly, in the final are Kathryn and Harpreet: the two ladies who are already successfully running their businesses in the real world, and making money from them.

Who will be Lord Sugar’s next business partner? My money is on Harpreet, but I hope it’s Kathryn (yes, I’ve set myself up for a win win situation).