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We often hear from clients at the point a situation with an underperforming employee has become unbearable.

Managers are focused on their own day to day job and contributing to the success of the business and there are usually added factors creating a reluctance to manage performance issues; “they’re really likeable” “they’ve worked here for a long time” “they have a history of raising grievances” “we think they might have health issues”.

It isn’t uncommon that concerns with employee performance are allowed to rumble on unchecked – perhaps for lack of knowing what the best way to manage it is, or even a fear of approaching it with the employee (no one wants to receive the backlash from delivering bad news). In the long run this causes even worse problems and makes it very difficult to resolve amicably. No one likes to hear criticism, but handled in the right way – and early - can prevent a situation from deteriorating beyond help.

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