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Click here for our Insight into Employment Checks and Contracts

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort searching for the perfect person to fill that vacant position in your company. It may have cost you agency and selection fees – it’s definitely meant a huge investment of time for the HR professional and/or managers involved. It might seem tempting to try to make some economies by recycling template contracts or rushing to get a job offer out quickly and sign them up to terms – DON’T DO IT!

One idiom you definitely need to follow is to start off on the right foot. The written terms you have in place will form the basis of the whole employment relationship - it’s what each party has to fall back if something goes wrong and for each to know what their rights and entitlements are. Take the time to seek advice from a professional (who has seen what happens when poor written terms are issued) and make sure your documents are regularly reviewed.

Naturally you want to take people at face value and trust what you’re told, and of course the employment relationship should be a positive one. That shouldn’t however come at the expense of taking unnecessary risk. Don’t forget to carry out those all important checks – references, right to work, qualifications – and ensure any offer of employment you make is subject to those checks. After all, you wouldn’t want to be taken in by fibs like those told by Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan to one another (as reported to the BBC by Cohen’s son):

“the two of them are sitting in a cafe in Paris and Dylan says to him, ‘How long did it take you to write Hallelujah?”

“And my father completely lied to Dylan and said, ‘Oh you know a couple of years'”

“I think it was [actually] seven years - and then my father returned the favour and said, you know, ‘How long did it take you to write Like a Woman?’ and Dylan said ‘Fifteen minutes’.

Click here for our Insight into Employment Checks and Contracts