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How's my Tone? - Positively working with Ayda

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Positively Working with Ayda - resolutions or intentions?

Composing an email to senior colleagues, partners, clients, solicitors on the other side and entire distribution lists for some can be very nerve-wracking, others it's second nature.

The average person receives over 100 emails a day and sends out approximately 40 work emails daily. So it’s important to get the words right. With just a few clicks you could come across overly friendly, dry, vague, unprofessional or even hostile. The recipient may never meet you in person but forms a preconception based on the words that you type.

Experience in the art of email writing helps. There are many elements to consider like addressing the email to the right person, using the correct title, including an appropriate subject line, the accuracy of the content, correct spelling and grammar and actually remembering to attach the attachment! 

One thing that can be easily missed is the appropriate tone of the email. It is so easy to feel frustrated, stressed and send a rushed email without reading it through objectively. We are ever more aware about mental health triggers and everyone is continuing to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. No-one enjoys receiving an email that comes across passive aggressive or sounds like they have been shouted at. 

Despite our bad days, in fact even acknowledging you may be having one and taking extra care to proof read an email, may help you temper any unnecessary hostility. Read it through and imagine how you would feel if you were the recipient. A well-mannered and professional email will often have the same desired outcome.