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Supporting World Mental Health Day

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Supporting World Mental Health Day

All young people deserve the best start in life but too often, young people with a mental health problem are not able to fulfil their potential. We know that our mental health and wellbeing are vital to our ability to thrive and achieve. 

One in ten young people has some form of diagnosable mental health condition and we know that children with a mental health problem face unequal chances in their lives, particularly where childhood mental health issues continue into adulthood.

The reasons for poor mental health are vast as are the associated impacts. We know that half of all mental health conditions are established before the age of fourteen, and we know that early intervention can prevent problems escalating and have major societal benefits. 

The early intervention of the education system through positive actions by our schools and colleges has to provide the foundations upon which employers can then build wellbeing and good mental health in to everyday working life. 

The expectations of our young people must be that employers will nurture and support them to achieve all that they can both at work and within their personal lives. The two often being so interwoven that this can in itself be problematic for employers and young people.

This article has been prepared to support Mental Health Awareness Day, there is no sales pitch just an opportunity to share thoughts and offer signposting to further information relating to young people and mental health. If you do require further information you may find the following website useful;  - The UK's leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health. With the aim of ensuring that all young people get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life's challenges.