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A Cardiff framing shop is being investigated after posting this job advert:

"Full time/apprenticeship for a local school leaver, preferably a boy, must be able to stay off his phone for at least 5 minutes and away from the xbox/playstation for 8 hours. Very interesting and hands on job."

Hopefully you can easily spot the obvious problem with this, but can you spot the more subtle issues which, even without the slap you in the face words of discrimination, could land this employer in hot water?

Recruiting new staff is a positive step for your business, and it should stay that way throughout the whole process. It’s important not to make mistakes which could see you at the wrong end of allegations of discrimination and at worst, a tribunal claim. Not only that, but you will surely want to attract the widest possible pool of applicants to have the best chance of securing the ideal candidate? This means the job adverts, selection procedures, interviews and other recruitment tools you use should be carefully considered to ensure you aren’t inadvertently excluding a particular group of people. For example, part of your process might include a written test, but what if your ideal candidate happens to be dyslexic?

In our latest Insight we consider just some of the pitfalls employers should look to avoid in their recruitment and selection process – you definitely won’t want to be the subject of an article like this, having posted a job advert like the above...