Consulting & Strategy

Helping your business and people be the best they can be.

Consulting & Strategy

We can help you change, adapt and develop through our business improvement programmes, as well as providing coaching and mentoring to star players in your business.

Business Improvement

Who do you turn to when you are struggling with things that, for one reason or another, aren’t being resolved, and are starting to cause complications for your business? Outset can find the strategies that will help your business overcome these hurdles.

Outset’s business improvement consultants will work alongside your senior team to gain a shared understanding of your key issues. We’ll explore and prioritise options available to you, and then figure out how to implement those changes together.

We’ll deliver fast and cost-effective results through facilitated workshops and interview programmes tailored to focus on your specific needs and circumstances.

We’ll help you work through specific business challenges, understanding the blockers and how to release them. Alternatively, we can help you develop your overall strategy, along with an action plan to deliver it. And we’ll be on hand whenever you need to rethink, adapt or progress those plans.

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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Every great athlete has a team of coaches pushing them to be the best they possibly can. Outset believe the talented senior people in your business deserve the same support. We can help you guide your star players through the challenges they face.

Changing situations in your company, such as mergers and business exits, not to mention the demands for profit and growth, can all take their toll on the key players in your company.

Which is where our mentoring and coaching can make all the difference. As fellow seasoned executives, they can relate to the problems your team face. They will support behavioural changes, provide development plans and offer practical support through one-to-one meetings, private consultations, and regular telephone conversations. It’s all about improving your team member’s game, which will in turn deliver additional value to your business.

It’s a supportive and cost-effective way to help your key employees perform at their best, and ensure the whole team benefits.

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HR Outsourcing & Support

Outset can take care of all the time-consuming HR issues you and your managers face. Be it ongoing or interim support, our expert services will give you the reassurance, compliance and practical support you need.

Whether you’ve got an internal HR team already, or need one created for you, our consultants are experts at building strong relationships with you and your team. We’ll focus on understanding your needs, and then present a cost-effective solution that works for you.

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I get timely access to the HR thinking and advice that I need, as and when the business needs it. Using Outset in this way, ensures that Barretts is one-step ahead of where it needs to be.

Paul Barrett,  Group CEO, Barretts

Outset always respond promptly to our enquiries. They’re friendly, open and honest. We pay a set fee per year for consultancy and they actually remind us if we've not used enough! We can then use that time for additional support we would normally have to pay for outside our scope, like training etc.

Kathy Smart, Head of Governance and Support Services,  Charlton Athletic Community Trust

The team at Outset had been really helpful on an ad hoc basis but as the business grew we realised we were spending quite a lot of time on areas we didn’t have any expertise in and this was a risk to our business.  Outset provide a cost effective way of managing the HR process in our business freeing up time for us to focus on our core competencies.

Tim Hoiles, Co Owner, Director of Trade Interchange