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Business Improvement Consultants

Businesses face issues and challenges on a daily basis. Managers use their best endeavours, based on their skills and experience, to address these; and in most cases do so successfully. However, the most challenging problems often extend beyond the span of control of one manager, and may be beyond the manager’s expertise or perhaps it is more complex in nature, and these type of issues tend to be either ignored, or are poorly or unsuccessfully addressed.

Working alongside your Board of Directors or senior teams, our business improvement consultants can help you to gain a shared and consistent understanding of your key issues, and explore and prioritise options available to you.  And then help plan how to implement the changes to address your more complicated business issues.  To help you achieve fast and cost effective results, we focus our interventions around designing and delivering facilitated workshops, and/or interviews programmes tailored to focus on your specific needs and circumstances. We utilise selected tools, techniques and business models to support the process and delivery of results. These practical solutions will save you valuable time and help support your business growth.


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I get timely access to the HR thinking and advice that I need, as and when the business needs it. Using Outset in this way, ensures that Barretts is one-step ahead of where it needs to be.

Paul Barrett,  Group CEO, Barretts

Outset always respond promptly to our enquiries. They’re friendly, open and honest. We pay a set fee per year for consultancy and they actually remind us if we've not used enough! We can then use that time for additional support we would normally have to pay for outside our scope, like training etc.

Kathy Smart, Head of Governance and Support Services,  Charlton Athletic Community Trust

The team at Outset had been really helpful on an ad hoc basis but as the business grew we realised we were spending quite a lot of time on areas we didn’t have any expertise in and this was a risk to our business.  Outset provide a cost effective way of managing the HR process in our business freeing up time for us to focus on our core competencies.

Tim Hoiles, Co Owner, Director of Trade Interchange