Webinar: Employing European Nationals

We'd love for you to join us our latest webinar Employing European Nationals on 30 June 2021 from 10-11am. We'll cover what you need to know about sponsorship and right to work checks in this interactive session, with time for questions at the end. 

Date: Wednesday 30 June 2021

Time: 10.00am - 11.00am

Price: Free

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As of 31 March 2021 just over 5.3 million people had applied for Settled Status with 97% of the concluded outcomes being grants of settled or pre-settled status. 

  • But what happens longer term? For businesses who want to employ a non-British national who hasn’t qualified under the EU settlement scheme it’s likely you’ll have to look at sponsorship. Applying for a sponsor licence is a time consuming, costly exercise. Find out what’s involved, and what it will cost your business.
  • Perhaps you already have a licence and want to understand the costs involved in sponsoring someone for a visa, and who can be sponsored. Do you know the difference between a defined and undefined Certificate of Sponsorship?
  • You may not have to advertise roles anymore before sponsoring, but did you know you still have to make sure you can justify why you need to hire a migrant worker?
  • Do you have overseas entities and want an employee to visit your UK branch? Are you clear on what they can and can’t do as a business visitor?
  • Are you confused about where you stand with right to work checks? Who to check? When? How? 

I hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you there (virtually, of course).