Outset Legal LLP

This page and the clickable logo refer only to activities undertaken by Outset Legal LLP, a Limited Liability Partnership Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Whilst nearly all the advice that we provide is to businesses and other organisations, if you seek legal advice from the Outset Group as an individual, rather than on behalf of a business, your legal advice will be provided by Outset Legal LLP. 

If you seek legal advice on behalf of a business, we are always looking to find the most effective combination of skills, experience and services to ensure we meet your wider commercial needs. That may mean that only part of your advice will be from Outset Legal LLP. The rest, including elements of legal advice, may be provided by other businesses within the Outset Group. This fact will be covered in the terms and conditions you enter into with us. 

Please see our Regulatory & Statutory page including SRA Digital badge for further important information, explaining the implications for you and your business.