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Supporting SHL with the collective redundancy process

Supporting SHL with the collective redundancy process

We supported SHL to run a compliant collective consultation process, following the need to restructure their business to reduce costs.

Who are SHL?

SHL helps companies attract, develop and grow their workforces to succeed in a digital era through AI technology, data science and objectivity.

What challenges did SHL face that they needed our help to overcome?

SHL needed to restructure their business to save costs following because of COVID-19 and they had moved some functions off-shore. They had never run a collective consultation process before and were keen to ensure that the process they adopted with their staff was not only fair and transparent but also legally robust. 

How did we help SHL achieve their goal?

We provided advice and assistance with the collective consultation process. We designed a compliant consultation process in terms of process including:

  • timetable
  • election of staff reps
  • training staff reps
  • pooling and selection
  • collective and individual consultation
  • outcomes

We drafted all the relevant documentation issued to staff affected, as well as answering queries raised during the process.  

Part of the support provided was to ensure that we had weekly calls following each of their collective meetings to help identify problems and deal with questions arising from the consultations. We were also available throughout the process to support SHL with critical questions.

What SHL said about working with us

"Outset supported us though a collective consultation project earlier this year. The team were responsive and available when we needed them. Dan and Lorraine were clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and the advice they gave us was commercial and pragmatic. We valued their approach to delivering advice, if we didn’t understand something, they were patient and happy to explain concepts in a different way and the resources they provided us with were excellent.

Throughout the project they really did work in partnership with us and it very often felt like we were having a chat with a colleague rather than a lawyer which made a tough situation easier, we really couldn’t have got through the process without Outset’s support."

Sarah Jallows, HR Director


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