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Employee Contracts and Compliance

When was the last time you had your employment contracts looked at? ‘A few years ago’ won’t cut it these days, employment law moves swiftly. Even recent events, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation have completely changed the landscape. 

Well drafted, specific, rather than boilerplate, and up-to-date contracts are the foundation of employee relations management. They give both you and your employees clarity about respective rights and obligations, help avoid future misunderstandings, and provide sensible flexibility to help achieve your business objectives.

Our bespoke employment contract drafting service will provide you with tailored, easy to use template-written employment contracts. That means you’ll have peace of mind that all your contractual bases are covered. 

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Director service contracts

We often see businesses who’ve tailored their basic employee contracts to their directors. Here’s a note from your future self: Don’t. 

Why? Because whilst a contractual dispute with any employee is unpleasant and difficult, it’s often many times worse with a director. 

And the best way to manage this unpleasant possibility is to draw up a bespoke director service contract which will minimise the risk of a contractual dispute taking place. And even if the worse should happen, it’ll be far less painful and disruptive for your business.

Outset will help you draw up the perfect director service contracts for your business, taking into account:

  • Employment law and company law compliance considerations.
  • Any benefits and bonus arrangements.
  • Restrictive covenants.
  • Issues concerning the director’s shares and share options.

Need a well drafted business specific service contract which allows all members of the Board to know exactly where they stand, and leaves them free to put 100% into driving your business forward? Call Outset today.

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