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Employment Disputes

Keeping confidential information out of a competitor’s hands is vital to most businesses these days. Sometimes this involves ensuring employees can’t resign and immediately take up a position with your biggest rivals. Or even poach customers and other members of your team when they go. 

This is where including covenants and confidentiality agreements within employment and director service contracts come in. However, if things are not precisely and carefully drafted, this could result in your business not being as protected as you thought it was. Even ‘cribbing’ similar covenants from previous contracts and hoping for the best can lead to disastrous loss of business should the worse happen. 

Outset will protect you from these risks by: 

  • Drafting restrictive covenants that are legally enforceable. 
  • Defending your legal claims where covenants have already been breached. 
  • Moving quickly to protect your company and take enforcement action where necessary. 
  • Providing our specialist knowledge and significant experience to support you throughout every step of the process.

From gathering evidence to enforcing your legal rights, our pragmatic, commercially minded and supportive approach is exactly what you need in these situations. Call us now for a chat about your issues. 

Settlement Agreements

We all know that employment relations compliance is mostly about following due process. Yet formal disciplinary, performance management and grievance procedures can eat up your valuable time, drain your resources and get in the way of your business objectives. Sometimes you need to make changes quickly. 

Negotiating a settlement agreement with an employee is a fast, commercial and pragmatic solution to a problem that won’t go away. 

Finding a mutually acceptable outcome requires a delicate balance, careful planning and a clear understanding of risk. For example:

  • Are you able to stay on the outside of ‘without prejudice’ law? 
  • Do you understand ‘protected conversation’ laws? 
  • Are you up to date on the changes to termination payment related tax laws that came into effect in April 2018? 

Did you also know you can make legitimate tax savings depending on how a package is structured? 

Outset can support you through these difficult situations by identifying all legal, risk and commercial considerations involved. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you have everything you need to make the best decision for your situation.

We can provide a fixed fee settlement agreement drafting service. And we’ve got years of experience negotiating the precise terms of these agreements. Want to move things forward? Call us now.

Employment Tribunals

Nobody wants to receive a tribunal claim, but it’s a risk any business must be prepared for. Particularly since July 2017, when the Supreme Court ruled to effectively abolish employment tribunal fees.

In this climate, it’s vital to have an experienced team of employment lawyers in your corner working to maximise the chance of a successful outcome, should a claim occur.

Practical advice, reassurance and preparation 

Our main goal is to keep you out of an employment tribunal through early advice, clear documentation and effective communication. However, claims do occur, and our expert team of employment lawyers, headed by Darren Stevens – who holds the Law Society’s Higher Rights of Audience Advocacy qualification – will work from day one to establish how you can successfully defend against a claim.

We will:

  • Give you a full legal service, including advocacy.
  • Provide practical help, such as collating the necessary documentation.
  • Identify what information you need from managers.
  • Take care of all formalities involved with the tribunal proceedings. 
  • Focus on getting you the best possible outcome.

And we’re aware you still have a business to run, so we’ll keep inconvenience and stress to a minimum.

Why choose Outset?

  • Minimise disruption to productivity.We use innovative techniques such as document management and voice recognition technology to make the tribunal process as straightforward, smooth and as quick as possible.
  • Fixed fee.Unlike more traditional law firms, we’ll fix our fees, so you know the costs involved going in.
  • Reduced stress.We offer you and your witnesses personal support and coaching to ensure you’re well prepared for the tribunal process.

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