Sponsoring overseas workers.

If your company sponsors overseas workers and you are the person tasked with taking care of arrangements for those employees, do you feel confused, overwhelmed, unsure of exactly what to do and when? If so, don’t worry, this is completely normal and you are not alone!

Sponsoring workers under the points based system can be straight-forward – if the planets align oh so perfectly - but the system we’re operating within is very complex. Although the government’s intention is that the “new” points based immigration rules are more simple, in practice many employers will still find it a challenge to get to grips with the requirements and sponsor licence applications in particular can be easy to get wrong.

Sponsorship licence

We can help employers in becoming a licenced sponsor and offer support to Level 1 users, HR professionals or other managers who are responsible for ensuring your company’s sponsor licence is operated correctly. It’s now clear that any EU nationals not qualifying for Settled Status will be subject to the same sponsorship system as non-EEA nationals, so this is something which employers will now more than ever want to feel fully confident about.

Training for employers

We offer an in-depth training session, designed for one-to-one delivery, or very small groups (of 4-5 people). It is aimed at Level 1 users of the online Sponsor Management System – in other words, those who are responsible for assigning Certificates of Sponsorship and generally managing the migrant workers/sponsor licence duties for the business. This half-day session is very detailed and interactive and will provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to be able to do this effectively and in accordance with Home Office rules. It is available at a fixed-price which includes a guidance pack and follow up legal support.

Although this session is specifically for clients who hold a Tier 2 (General)/Skilled Worker sponsor licence, do talk to us if you're looking for support with any other right to work issues.

Sponsorship caluculator

There are a variety of different costs involved in becoming a sponsor and getting your sponsorship licence.

Our immigration expert has created a free calculator to allow you to work out the costs of sponsoring an overseas worker which can be downloaded here. 



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