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If you’re restructuring, you’ll have the possibility of redundancy to consider. It’s never a pleasant issue, but handling it effectively will be key to ensuring your future productivity and reputation come through unscathed. Not to mention making sure you treat affected employees fairly. 

An insensitively handled restructuring process can have a hugely detrimental effect on your reputation. Departing employees can sully your good name, and those that stay on may develop a negative mindset towards you, known as ‘survivor syndrome.’

Outset can smooth out the bumpy road

Our experienced employment lawyers will help you strike the right balance between future business needs and fairness to affected employees. 

We’ve guided many large corporate clients through hundreds of redundancies across multiple sites. We’ve also supported micro-businesses with restructures affecting a single employee. And everything in between. Large or small, the principle is the same, and we’ll be by your side from the initial planning stage, through to notices of dismissal, and the transitioning of employees to different roles. 

Thinking about the restructuring and redundancy process? Outset can tackle the wide variety of legal and commercial issues ahead, and find the perfect outcome for all parties. Call us now.


Outset’s blend of employment law and HR consultancy expertise can support you through the whole TUPE process, and beyond.

Any business change brings uncertainty to staff. And the word TUPE has become synonymous with ‘problems’ for many. This isn’t fair, because TUPE regulations are designed specifically to protect your employees’ terms and conditions during outsourcing and business transfer situations. 

However, making the TUPE process run smoothly in practice requires clear, precise and solution focused legal and HR advice from the very start. It’s vital you understand the legal issues and risks involved, because this knowledge will save you a great deal of time and money later on.

Outset guarantee TUPE success

The application of TUPE to your outsourcing or business transfer situation will throw up difficult legal questions. Our specialist employment lawyers will provide the answers you need. 

Meanwhile, we’ll be on hand to get the practicalities of the situation right. We’ll help you know: 

  • what needs to happen, and when.
  • what documents need to be created.
  • Who is supposed to communicate with who, and about what.

We’ll remove the worries and uncertainties you may have as you enter the TUPE process. We can also provide HR consultants on the ground when planning elections for employee representatives, and be by your side for the information and consultation meetings themselves.

Want to get a good result over the line, plan for life after the process has been finalised, and minimise legal risk? Talk to Outset today about TUPE.

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