Fixed fee services to support your employment and safety needs.



Part of the Outset Group, Primed gives you everything you need to manage a team and keep them safe - all for an affordable monthly fee. 

We designed Primed to give business owners access to the very best employment law, HR and safety advice, for an affordable monthly fee. A service designed to empower you to take control of your own issues, make good decisions and access the support and advice you need, whenever you need it.

Online resources

Primed, our online system gives you access to extensive employment law, HR, health & safety and cyber security resources, including templates, documents, contracts and policies for an affordable monthly fee. Primed is cloud based, mobile friendly and can be accessed on the go, whenever and wherever you are. Click here to view our pricing

A greater level of support

Upgrade to Primed Premium to access unlimited HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety telephone and email advice and compliance support from our experts, so you can focus on your strengths, whilst enjoying the value of ours.

Many of our competitors in employment law focus on trying to eliminate risk completely, by following long processes and making businesses jump through hoops. Their business models mean its in their best interest if their clients take no risk - or at least the least risk possible. It makes them more profitable.

We know that all business is risk, and businesses should be able to make their own decisions. So we give them the choice.

Follow best practice, keep risk to an absolute minimum and take the time and steps required. With wider and complex options, choose to take some risk and move more quickly

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