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HSE Construction Health Inspection Initiative - 2018

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will be carrying out its latest construction inspection initiative throughout October 2018.

This initiative will focus on health, in particular the measures in place to protect workers from occupational lung disease caused by asbestossilica, wood and other dusts when carrying out common construction tasks.

Whilst we consider personal protective equipment (PPE) as the “last resort” we do need to ensure that when we provide workers with face masks that they actually know how to wear and adjust them correctly. They must also receive face fit testing.

The image shows what is an all too common occurrence on some of our site inspections. PPE must be suitable for the person and the task and the wearer must be clean shaven for the mask to work effectively.

Priority is often given to safety but thousands more workers suffer ill-health at work than are harmed by at-work accidents. Asbestos and dust are ‘slow killers’. HSE estimates that annually there are around 8,000 work-related cancer deaths a year.

The construction industry accounts for around 3,500 of these with asbestos and silica the major causes. Construction businesses and workers need to be aware of how dangerous and hazardous to someone’s health such substances can be.

HSE inspectors will be looking to ensure those involved with construction projects know the risks, properly plan their work and use the right controls. Work right and Go Home Healthy.

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Advice on asbestos training, surveys and face fit testing is available from UKHSE – 0845 2695550 /

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